ASM In The Community

Here at ASM, we are very keen on giving back to the local community. We believe that businesses can and should be a force for good and therefore feel proud that our business enables us to contribute to some great local community projects.

Most people look back and remember their school holidays as some of the best times of their lives. Going on trips and days out, times with their friends and family, free of school work and responsibility, maybe attending a holiday camp or activities week! What isn’t to like? Unfortunately for many young people growing up in Bristol today, this is not their experience.

Underlying poverty and community issues have been exacerbated by the economic crisis and the change to Universal Credit.  This has left many families unable to afford access to these opportunities, and in many cases has even undermined their ability to access basic needs such as food and getting 3 meals a day. So, rather than looking forward to the school holidays they have become for many a stressful time, when families who already struggle find it even harder to provide for their children and young people.

THE STRUGGLE in Bristol and particularly South Bristol

  • Bristol has 18,900 children (under 16) in low-income families (23.2%), higher than England average (20.1%) and higher than previous year, with significant inequalities in the city.
  • The city has more than 13,500 young people who are entitled to Free School Meals,
  • In Bristol, 37 per cent of our 37,257 children take free school meals (FSM) – significantly higher than the national average 13.6%. There is also significant inequality in the city, and in some places the same neighbourhood. That inequality among our mainstream primary schools is most stark in South Bristol. The FSM % can rise to as high as 70% in many of the schools in this community.
  • Deprivation has deteriorated over the last 5 years with Filwood and Hartcliffe & Withywood amongst the most deprived wards not only in the city but the whole of the country.
  • As resources are scarce there is a lack of provision of affordable childcare for this age range and good quality activities in South Bristol.
  • Children and young people who receive Free School Meals (FSM) do not receive them during school holidays
  • Children report as more confident when moving to secondary school when they have participated in activities on the school site, with older children and young people who attend the school, and when they have met staff in a holiday activity capacity (Bedminster Down evaluation of transition summer camp August 2017)

Thanks to ASM Scaffolding, Community of Purpose CIC was able to purchase much needed equipment so that we can help some of the poorest kids look forward to their school holiday’s. Our mobile sports village which ASM sponsored provides us with the ability to deliver high quality sports activities whilst providing kids who would typically be in receipt of free school meals receive at least two square meals during the holiday periods. 

It’s no coincidence that when businesses succeed, it is often because they engage effectively and sustainably with the world outside the company, and when they fail, it is usually because they get this wrong. Thanks to ASM we’re able to make holiday’s more positive for many young people! 

ASM Scaffolding have been fantastic supporters of the Foundation, their support for the annual Bristol City FC community match has helped us raise vital funds to support our community work and grass roots football clubs across Bristol.

Dan White

Chief Executive Officer, Bristol City Robins Foundation

Thank you so much for the donation of scaffold for use on Break The Cycle 2023. The scaffold bike park is such an important part of the Stadium setup and so a big thank you from us.

Ben Breeze

Chief Executive Officer, The Bristol Sport Foundation