Scaffolding services

ASM Scaffolding Services can offer you the full range of scaffolding, roofing, access and protection equipment.  We have the skills, expertise and resources to fulfil the most challenging project, while retaining a personal service to all our customers.

Temporary roof systems

We design all our temporary roof systems in-house, using specialist software to enhance our years of experience. A temporary roof can protect any building or construction, from a simple roof to complete encapsulation for renovation.

Commercial scaffolding services

Our commercial clients range from supermarkets to office blocks and facilities managers to shop fitters.

We understand that any disruption during trading hours can cause disorder and downtime for you and your client. That is why we’ll recommend we work outside of your normal working hours – and of course you can rest assured our team will be fast, efficient and responsive.

We offer a wide range of scaffolding, access towers, birdcages, edge protection, gantries, shoring and temporary roofing systems, plus additional services including hoists, waste chutes and design.

Industrial scaffolding services

Industrial clients include factories, power plants and heavy industry. Projects vary from enabling ongoing maintenance work to supporting major refurbishments and construction.

We have the full range of scaffolding for industrial applications including access towers, birdcages, edge protection, gantries, shoring systems and temporary roofing, together with comprehensive supporting equipment. We also offer full CAD and 3D imaging. We are happy to work out of hours to minimise disruption.

Scaffolding services for specialist projects

Special projects demand a respectful approach and specialist skills. ASM Scaffolding has a depth and breadth of experience in providing bespoke scaffolding and related services for historical and Listed buildings including churches, grand houses and architectural landmarks.

We are also well versed in providing shoring and support scaffolding; for example to hold landslips or to stabilise buildings, as well as staging and platforms for festivals and events.

Other specialist items you may require include birdcage scaffolding, gantries, sign-mounting, edge protection systems, handrails and safety netting. We can offer the full range of support.

Domestic/residential scaffolding services

We work directly with individual householders and management companies, as well as local authorities, housing associations and construction companies.

Our services include relatively straightforward scaffolding, access towers, gantries, shoring, temporary roofing and edge protection. These enable house painting, extensions, chimney stack or roof repairs, through to more complex structures on large housing developments.

Whatever the size of project you can rely on us to be punctual, polite and tidy.

CAD services & project proposals

We offer in-house computer-aided design (CAD) services and 3D imaging where required, plus full risk assessments, method statements and weight-bearing calculations with every proposal.

Scaffolding equipment

Our range of complementary equipment is extensive.  It includes:

  • Scaffold Alarms and GPS systems – with alerts directly to your mobile phone or police
  • Heras fencing, to segregate scaffolding and construction areas
  • Lifting equipment, to help move heavy and large material in confined spaces
  • Mechanical hoists for goods and for workers, from a 250kg bucket hoist to a 3,000kg goods hoist
  • Aluminium towers
  • Edge protection
  • Gantries
  • Hordings
  • Rubbish chutes for easy, safe removal of waste
  • Sign mounting
  • Shoring systems
  • Staging and platforms
  • Temporary buildings and encapsulation

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